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I would like to see the lecture part of the Codex become more participatory, in the sense of having space for exhibitors and others to propose talks (panels?). I think that the audience, composed mostly of exhibitors, was a bit disengaged from the presentations. Those talks came from people who were also exhibitors, but there was a certain amount of separation between those chosen to speak and the rest of us who were paying money to be there. We sat and listened, but didn’t necessarily have a stake in what was being said. Open it up, I say.

The Bookfair is the main event of the Codex, which is what makes it different from the other art conferences that happen around the country. I’ve been to a few Southern Graphics Council Conferences, and the open portfolio time has always been one of the most enjoyable parts. And the Codex was three whole days of that.

I felt like the bookfair was organized well. There was a nice, long set up time on Sunday that was only open to exhibitors, so that we had time to see each other’s work (I, of course, was very late). The room was perfect. There was an outside section, and that felt a little separated. The problem is, does one limit participation to make it feel less separate, or allow more people? There were rumors of some lighting complaints. I definitely had enough light the whole time. There was some thought put into how the tables were laid out. I was lucky enough to be placed next to the Two Fine Chaps, who I knew from previous shows. The “power players” at the fair were a bit too concentrated though. The tables that are going to draw a lot of people should be a bit more spread out. It’s important that the audience circulates, sees as much as possible, sees new things.

Exhibitors could ship their work to and from the show directly. I didn’t have to do that, but I can see where it would be convenient. A nice touch: the conference tote bag that we all got contained a roll of packaging tape.

All of the events were close, easily walkable. Plenty of places to eat nearby. It was all so easy.

Overall, it was great. I am already looking forward to next time. I am looking forward to getting in deeper.

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