Hey Everybody:

The Baltimore Print Studios will be having their Grand Opening party this weekend. If you're in the area, it is definitely something that you should check out. This is a truly wonderful and momentous thing for Baltimore, and will be a living and ongoing testament to the independent, DIY ethic. And the art community in Baltimore is entirely DIY, which is just one of the reasons why it is such a good city to live and make artwork in.

The info:

Sunday, October 17th
3-7 PM
18 W. North Ave (btw Charles in Maryland (where I used to live!))
Baltimore, MD



Despite the closeness of your nose to the sheet of paper in front of you there is a blossoming of risk in this activity. There is time, piling up on the desk in front of you, falling in flickering pieces to the floor around your chair. Each mark that you make betrays your mortality. The corporeal hovers and the spiritual falls in flickering pieces to the floor. There is time. There is language, climbing into your chest. There is history, permeating and filling the air above your head. There is time, flickering in the spaces between your back and the floor. A silence that no one will ever hear. A light that climbs into your chest. This is a place, this is an activity, in which risk blossoms, swallows. This is time, the floor will always be there.