The New Manifesto of the NewLights Press is complete, after an intense weekend to have it done and ready for the Codex symposium, which began yesterday. There will be an official announcement/catalog posting in a few days, after I can get to a scanner.

The Codex symposium runs from Monday through Wednesday, with lectures in the morning and the bookfair in the afternoons. Yesterday, the first day, was pretty fun. I didn’t spend a lot of time looking at other exhibitors’ work (I was late to set up, had to sleep in after finishing those books at 6 AM), but my first impression was that there are an overwhelming amount of big, beautiful books there (for the record, I do not think of my own books as being “big” or “beautiful”). It’s hard to know where to begin. I look forward to diving in today.

Posting will be sporadic for the next few days. I plan to do a more thorough post about the Codex (see the official Codex blog here) when it’s all over.

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