The FIGHT FIRE WITH LITERATURE BENEFIT SALE continues, now with a new featured item:

A letterpress broadside collaboratively produced during a weekend workshop here at The Press at Colorado College. The colophon of the broadside reads:

This began as a type specimen broadside, but quickly became a way to commemorate the Waldo Canyon Fire, which began in the Pike National Forest, near our home of Colorado Springs, on June 23, 2012. At the time of this writing we are only 8 days in, and already we have seen far too much devastation. With hope, gratitude, and solidarity we dedicate this project to the firefighters on the line, all those that have been evacuated, and those that lost their loved ones or homes. All proceeds from the sale of this broadside will be donated to local charities to help the displaced members of our community. Designed, typeset, and printed at The Press at Colorado College on June 30 and July 1 by the members of the Intro to Letterpress Workshop: Jo Langer Reichardt, Katie Cornelius, Candace Santa Maria, Elena Foraker, Carol Dickerson, Beth Kancilia, Heather Horton and Theresa Henderson. As usual, Aaron Cohick and Eleanor Anderson hung around and helped out a bit.

Day 8: Waldo Canyon Fire
Letterpress printed from lead & wood type and photopolymer plates
13” x 25”
Edition of 100
$10 (plus shipping—CO Springs residents can choose to pick up their copy)
And remember, all money from this sale, which includes ALL NewLights Press items, will be donated to the local Red Cross to assist people who have been displaced by the Waldo Canyon Fire and other fires in Colorado.


Jessy Randall said...

This is such a beautiful thing, and I'm happy to see you could do something beautiful with the image of the shape of the fire that got burned into the memories of everyone in Colorado Springs. Thank you for making this.

Anonymous said...

Why is the date on the poster 2102?

NewLights Press: Et Al. said...

That, as you might have guessed, is a mistake. Which is unfortunate, but a consequence of a large project in a short timeframe. We wrote, designed, typeset and printed 100 copies of this in a 2 day workshop.