[UPDATE: As of July 16, 2012, the sale of everything on the NewLights Press site has ended, but money raised from the sales of the Day 8: Waldo Canyon Fire broadside will continue to be donated.] 

As I’m sure many of you know, our home city, Colorado Springs, has been fighting a very serious wildfire since Saturday. The fire tripled in size from Monday to Tuesday. Parts of the city have burned. Over 32,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. Team NewLights is luckily, thankfully, away from the danger zone (though we are much closer to the evacuation zone than I ever thought we would be when this thing began). And this is just one of many fires burning in Colorado and all over the western US. So always the question: what can we do?

The answer: what we do—make & distribute books. And so on that note, effective today, is the FIGHT FIRE WITH LITERATURE BENEFIT SALE. All money from the sale of all NewLights books & broadsides will be donated to the local Red Cross to help them help people who have been displaced by the fires.

The main item for this sale will be fellow Colo-radical writer J.A. Tyler’s fittingly apocalyptic book ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ [an island]. The price has been reduced to $10.

You can find all of the info about the book here. Again, the benefit sale is for all NewLights books & broadsides. Please help spread the word about this sale. This is a small thing, for sure, but every little bit helps. And hey, books are neat too.

If you’d like to donate directly, you can do that here.

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