that I found interesting on the Internet lately. The first is the work of Dafi Kühne, a designer and printer in Zurich. Not only does he produce interesting designs, but he prints them himself, often using constructed matrices—collagraph/relief, from contact paper, laser cut acrylic, cardboard, and even some wood type that he had fabricated. I thought these posters were particularly gorgeous:

They were printed from letters cut out of contact paper and stuck to a sheet of OSB. You can see more images on Mr. Kühne’s website. Thanks to the Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts for bringing that to my attention. They are doing some great exhibitions and programming there lately.

And then I would take the hell out of this class: Graphic Texts: Looking at Text and Image Combined. And there are some great links in the post, which is probably the main reason I wanted to repost it.

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