A! Square! (Neutral! Shapeless!) Canvas! Five! Feet! Wide! Five! Feet! High! As! High! As! A! Man! As! Wide! As! A! Man’s! Outstretched! Arms! (Not! Large! Not! Small! Sizeless!) Trisected! (No! Composition!) One! Horizontal! Form! Negating! One! Vertical! Form! (Formless! No! Top! No! Bottom! Directionless!) Three! (More! Or! Less!) Dark! (Lightless!) No! Contrasting! (Colorless!) Colors! Brushwork! Brushed! Out! To! Remove! Brushwork! A! Matte! Flat! Free-hand! Painted! Surface! (Glossless! Textureless! Non-linear! No! Hard! Edge! No! Soft! Edge!) Which! Does! Not! Reflect! Its! Surroundings! A! Pure! Abstract! Non-objective! Timeless! Spaceless! Changeless! Relationless! Disinterested! Painting! An! Object! That! Is! Self-conscious! (No! Unconsciousness!) Ideal! Transcendent! Aware! Of! No! Thing! But! Art! (Absolutely! No! Anti-art!)

Quote from Ad Reinhardt, with exclamation points added after every word, replacing all previously existing punctuation, and capital letters added to the beginning of each new sentence.

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kevin.thurston said...

wait, ( ) and - are punctuation, no?

hope you are well. want to scream your post in someone's face.