This morning all attempts to write ground to a halt under the weight and complexity of the issues being written about, and a general crisis of confidence on my part. This writing practice of this blog has been failing lately. There have been announcements of things. There have been some good subjects taken up, but they have been inadequately explored. The lines of thought are fragmented. They stop short. They fail. This is indicative of a larger struggle.

This is a post that admits failure. But it does not ask for pity, or forgiveness. Failure is a part of the process of development. But to admit failure does not excuse it. Failure must be accepted, acknowledged, and changes must be made. The changes that are made, the changes that lead to success, to happy and productive work, those are the important things. Because those changes provide a framework to overcome the failures that are further down the road. Failure will not stop you. Fear of failure will.

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Justin Sirois said...

Grab life by the ears.