From Clifton Meador, “Afterword” to the essay “I (heart) DIY CMYK (an homage),” JAB: The Journal of Artists’ Books #25 (Spring 2009): 23:

[…] where four-color printing has an authority or ubiquity unlike any other medium, learning to take control of that medium and produce work that challenges the transparency of the medium can be seen as a radical gesture. […] When artists produce work that decodes the transparency of a medium, everyone becomes aware of how the illusion is created. Instead of the glamour, innuendo, and the false promises of advertising, we see smears of magenta, cyan, and yellow ink expensively and carefully arranged on a piece of industrially manufactured paper. And once we understand how the magic trick is created, we are less likely to believe the lie. […]

Print media has been killed by digital media in the same way that photography killed painting many years ago. Finally, we can get to sleep. Finally, we can get to work.

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