Publishing Genius has released a new book, MLKNG SCKLS, by Justin Sirois. They are holding a contest related to it as well.

A friend sent me a link to Jen Bervin’s website.

Another friend, James Tucker, has just started a blog.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how next year will be year 10 of the NewLights Press, and about how if I want to do something significant to mark that fact, I should start planning now. But what to do? A reading? An exhibition? Both? Perhaps. Or how about an entire year of sustained, high energy publishing activity? How about 6 chapbooks, one every 2 months? (My first idea was to do 12, one per month, but I realized I probably wouldn’t be able to do much else.) And by chapbooks I mean artists’ books too, but (hopefully) not by me…


Justin Sirois said...

6 chapbooks, one every 2 months sounds amazing. Matt Bell expressed great interest in a low fi copy of The Downable -- you'd move a LOT of those in no time.

Justin Sirois said...

And thank you for the shout out.