Sitting here on the edge of another holiday, of another year, I wanted to write a brief post to let you know, dear reader, what is coming down the road.

I have re-collected the early work of NewLights (first four years, 2000-2004), so now I can begin cataloging all of the books for this (and future) website(s). I intend to start doing that on top of regular posting. There will be one catalog entry at a time, in reverse chronological order, so that when the whole subject string is viewed the newest book is first. So, gulp, the first book I will be posting will be my first book, in all of its not-quite-rightness. (But I was so proud back then, so in love with the idea of making books, reeling from that utilitarian revelation.)

There will also be some more serious writing as well, some review type things and more essay sketches, possibly more sign-chains. I think first on deck for review (that word doesn’t seem quite right, but I’ll use it anyway) is Mimeo Mimeo #2, which I, bursting with excitement, received right before Xmas. Great journal—the sheer fact of its existence makes me happy.

I hope everyone has a good New Year. I miss you all terribly.

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Justin Sirois said...

Miss you too, Chief.
Looking forward to the new posts.