And the second book of this July 10, number 3 in this year’s Say Hello to Your Last Chapbooks series: Alexis, Oren & Sara’s Halves, with poems by Alexis Almeida, Oren Silverman and Sara Renee Marshall.

Because this one has three halves and thus a lack of symmetry, it had to become a traditional single signature, sewn codex. But there is still a retina-searing surprise inside.

From the colophon:

This book was made for a reading by Alexis Almeida, Oren Silverman & Sara Renee Marshall on July 5, 2014, part of the Say Hello to Your Last Poem! series. If only we were allowed to talk about that.

Many hands & eyes go into each of these rapid chapbooks. Noel Black assisted with proofreading, Corie Cole helped with binding and other intangible aspects.

This book was designed, printed & bound by the NewLights Press. The text pages were laser printed. The covers were letterpress printed from lead type and MDF/chipboard collagraphs. All of the paper is from the French Paper Company, made with recycled content and hydroelectric power. The text typefaces are Adobe and ATF Garamonds. The modular titling lettering is another variation of a design by NewLights. 100 copies were made.

About the authors:

Alexis Almeida teaches creative writing at the University of Colorado, where she is at work on an MFA in poetry. Her translations and poems have appeared, or are forthcoming in Likestarlings, La Vague, The Ampersand Review, Aufgabe, and elsewhere. She lives in Denver.

Oren Silverman lives in Denver. His most recent work can be found in the critically-acclaimed chapbook Alexis, Oren & Sara's Halves from the NewLights Press.

Sara Renee Marshall hails from the southwest. She is the author of a chapbook, Affectionately We Call This The House, and her poems appear places like Colorado Review, Omniverse and Octopus. Sara is headed to Athens, Georgia to pursue a PhD at the University of Georgia.

Alexis, Oren & Sara’s Halves

Say Hello to Your Last Chapbook! 2014, No. 3

Poems by Alexis Almeida, Oren Silverman & Sara Renee Marshall

36 pages, saddle stapled pamphlet

7” x 5.25” (closed)

Laser printed interior, cover letterpress printed from lead type and chipboard collagraphs

Edition of 100 


$8 (plus shipping)

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