Just keeps on coming, going. Yesterday, May 5, 2014, was the "observed birthday" of the NewLights Press. 14 years old now. Always unbelievable, always a kick in the gut as I think about all of the work that still needs to be done. Writing-reading of which, here are some announcements about things upcoming:

A title for the little magazine of one-word poetry, fiction and non-fiction has been chosen. The name will be: REAEDR

That was not one of the entries submitted, so no big winner of the contest was chosen. But to show our appreciation each entrant will receive a free subscription for the first year or four issues, whichever is more. Thanks to everyone who sent in ideas. More details on REAEDR and very importantly how to submit will be coming soon.

 Summer is looming in the CO, which means that we will be starting up our summer reading series SAY HELLO TO YOUR LAST POEM! very, very soon. Which means more chapbooks too. The first will be another dos-a-dos book, shared by Divya Victor and Mathias Svalina. The book will be available at the reading on May 16, and then released to the weird world on Monday, May 19.

The images in this post, of more modular letterforms, both printed and woven, have a lot to do with current investigations. The woven letters were made in a paper weaving/encoding workshop taught by the wonderful Emily Larned (of ILSSA fame) at Colorado College last month. Emily's visit was part of a series of programs connected to a letterpress/book arts/socially engaged art class taught by Bridget Elmer (also of ILSSA fame).

Flexible, woven, articulate printing matrices is the next step. Reports on that coming soon.

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