I am tremendously excited and honored to announce that I have recently accepted the position of “Printer of the Press at Colorado College,” in Colorado Springs.

The Press at Colorado College was founded by Jim Trissel in 1977, and has operated more or less continuously since then, publishing fine print editions of literary works (books & broadsides) and artists’ books, and teaching students the arts of typography, printing, and binding, both through those projects and in conjunction with their regular classes. And so my job as Printer of the Press (love that title) will be part teaching (working with faculty to develop and facilitate coursework that will be done in the letterpress studio) and part making/publishing (developing, designing, printing, and binding books). I can not really express how thrilled I am to be chosen for a position where I will be paid to do my two favorite things—make books, and teach/help others to make books!

I know that this will be a challenging job—but the ones worth doing always are. I am looking to this opportunity as a chance to broaden my engagement with printing, books, and publishing, with the pedagogical and social issues that surround those activities. The NewLights Press will continue to operate (and will actually have more time to do that) and I am hoping to ramp up production more than ever. The future is bright, gleaming, breathless.

I am sad to leave the Bay Area though. Everyone here has been extremely welcoming, kind, and supportive. Thank you all again. I intend to remain as much a member of the community here as I can, even from afar. Being here, being a commercial printer, being a teacher—all of these things have been rewarding, enriching experiences, all of them bolstered by the wonderful community.

The Big Move will happen in August. Until then, production on various projects and postings here will continue, as I can. Thanks for reading.

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Long Day Press said...

Wow! Boy do I envy you. I hope you have so much fun you can't stand it. Seriously, I saw the Call for Applications and wished to myself that I was 10 years younger. I wish you well and hope you have a blog or something to keep us informed of your achievements.

Mike Day