Picking up some momentum on printing again. The images that follow are a series of set-up sheets from What You Will. “Set-up sheets” are the sheets of paper that are run through the press to test feeding, impression, registration and print quality. They are often fed through multiple times, resulting in layered, haphazard compositions. Each of the set-up sheets below have been “tagged” and will be released (inserted randomly) back into the main pile of set-up sheets. And after every week I will pull them again, scan them, and post them here. So it will be yet another way for us to track the process, the growth in complexity of the book. The sheets that you are looking at are the result of printing 11 different plates. (Note: the images got cropped a bit: the real sheets are slightly taller (about a half inch) than the bed on my scanner.)

This last image is a close-up of a section of text, so that you can get a sense of the layers of transparent ink. Eight of the eleven plates printed so far have been printed directly on top of each other to build up images like this.

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