Soon, soon there will be a new feature, called PRODUCTION IS RECEPTION, running on this blog. This new feature (which grows out of the documentation of the new NewLights broadsides) will demonstrate, explain, and comment upon the various steps of the various processes that go into producing books. I have a few hopes for this new feature:

A) That it will show and make accessible (and thus demystify) steps and processes that usually remain hidden.

B) That it will help to generate ideas and discussion for other producers of book-text-objects.

C) That it will help me and the readers of this blog connect the manifold activities of making to larger practices and ideas, allowing us to elaborate an investigation and critique of the modes of production of meaning(art?)-objects, and of how those modes are rendered and inscribed in the final form and distribution of the object(s) in question.

D) That it will give practical “how-to” oriented tips and techniques (an ongoing demo).

E) That it will be interesting, entertaining, and maybe even educational.

F) That these posts will not explain away or close off the process, but that they will break open, occupy, and explode it. Everything generative, always.

This feature will be starting up soon, as I finish off one piece and begin another, a series of an-Others from here on out.

And speaking of process, here is a really fun bookmaking process stop-motion animation made by Abigail Uhteg about her recent project at the Women’s Studio Workshop:

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