This morning I was making notes for my upcoming classes at the San Francisco Center for the Book, so I thought I'd use today's post as a chance to plug them:

Basics of Boxcar Plates:
May 27th, 6:30-9:30 PM. Learn to use the photopolymer system made famous by Boxcar Press: a transparent, plastic-backed photopolymer plate that is adhered to a gridded aluminum base. You will learn how to make the plates, and the many advantages that these plates provide on the Vandercook, from registration to changing your layout while on press. This class qualifies you to rent time on the Center's photopolymer platemaker. Prerequisite:
Letterpress I.

Heavy Metal Typography: June 23rd, 6:30-9:30 PM. This class will introduce you to the finer points of typography and setting lead type by hand. We will cover design history and basic theory so that you can start to set complex, elegant compositions entirely in lead. You will learn tips for handling and composing type for easy lock-up and registration, how these ideas translate into digital typography, and more. Prerequisite:
Letterpress I.

Production: The Sophisticated Chapbook:
July 24th, 10 AM-5 PM. Learn how to design and construct structurally sophisticated chapbooks efficiently and cheaply. We will cover a series of simple binding techniques as well as how to "upgrade" them to make more complex books. There will be discussion centered on relating form, function, and content, and other design issues, as well as the practical nuts and bolts of chapbook publishing.

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