REAEDR is a magazine of one word poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, produced by the NewLights Press in Colorado Springs, CO. Each issue is built around a particular theme, and that theme, as well as the pieces inside, will determine the form, shape, color, material, processes, etc. of the issue. 2015 will be the “pilot year,” with two issues planned: WAR in the summer (tentative release of mid-August 2015) and “FUCK EM IF THEY CANT TAKE A JOKE” in the fall/winter (tentative release of December 2015). The goal is to be publishing quarterly or bi-monthly in 2016.


Last update: May 7, 2015.

This page will be updated with the current themes and issues as old ones expire and new ones are added. It will always be accessible through the sidebar, under the heading REAEDR MAGAZINE.

Issue 1: WAR (Summer 2015): June 5, 2015
Issue 2: “FUCK EM IF THEY CANT TAKE A JOKE” (Fall/Winter 2015): September 1, 2015

Submissions for each issue will be accepted up until 5 PM (US Mountain Time) on the date listed. Occasionally the changing form of the magazine will require some extra steps on the part of the author for accepted pieces. These will be communicated as required.


We are looking for one word, or one-word, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, related in some way to the theme of the issue(s). Submissions can be “straight text,” or visual (but still text-based) in nature. We also welcome submissions that play with, challenge, interrogate, or complicate the “one word” form. Authors/artists may submit up to five pieces for consideration in each issue. Each piece must be submitted in one of the three categories: poetry, fiction, or nonfiction. Translations and submissions in languages other than English, “real” or “not,” are welcome.


Submissions should be made via email, to editor Aaron Cohick at newlightspressATgmailDOTcom. The actual pieces can be typed in the body of the email, attached as PDFs, Microsoft Word docs, or RTFs. Please use PDFs, JPEGs or TIFFs for image submissions, at least 300 dpi at 100% size. Please write first if attachments are too big to send via email. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL:

AUTHOR’S NAME: How it should be printed. No anonymous submissions please. Pseudonymous submissions are fine. Do not include a bio.

MAILING ADDRESS: For contributor copies.

THEME: Please include which theme you are submitting each piece for. See above for current and past themes.

CATEGORY: All submissions must be made in a category: poetry, fiction, or nonfiction. A category is required for each piece submitted.

THE PIECE(S): An individual submission can include up to 5 separate pieces. Clearly indicate title, if there is one. “Untitled” is a title, and will be treated as such. Please put each piece on its own page(s).

PROOFS: We will do our best to send each author digital proofs of their piece(s) before each issue goes into production.

COMPENSATION: Here in these opening stages, compensation for authors/artists will be in the form of two contributor’s copies. We hope to be able to include monetary compensation as well, after things get rolling (the target price point for each issue will be $5 to $8).

DISTRIBUTION: The first two issues will be printed in editions of 100 copies. Most distribution will happen through direct sales and subscriptions via this website. (Subscriptions will be available for purchase in the near future.) We hope to make some copies available for sale in bookstores or art galleries. Please contact us if you are a proprietor or curator for such a place, or if you just know of a good place for that.

In 2003 the NewLights Press (working under the imprint “Tin Woodsman Editions”) published a proto-issue of REAEDR. The digital archive version is below. We don’t really expect REAEDR to look anything like this, but hey, these things go where they want or need to go.

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